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Miguel Angel Carrasco

Soy un profesional con más de 20 años de servicio a mis espaldas, con experiencia en el mundo de la consultoría de negocio y la empresa "civil". He estado siempre ligado a temas relacionados con la Gestión de Clientes, desde la versión más operativa a la más estratégica, siempre en compañías de primer orden y con una gran variedad de situaciones que solventar. Me gustaría hacer de este blog un punto de reflexión para managers y responsables de la función, en el que puedan comentarse los temas relacionados con la Atención al Cliente que surgen realmente en la empresa hoy día, lejos de la demagogia y el buenismo imperante en un área del que todo el mundo parece saber. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a professional with more than 20 years of service behind my back, with experience in the world of business consulting and the "normal life" company. I have always been linked to projects related to Customer Management, from the most operational to the most strategic vision, always in top level companies and with a great variety of situations to solve. I would like to make this blog a place of reflection and food for thoughts for managers and responsibles of Customer Experience, in which the issues related to Customer Service that really arise in the company today can be discussed, far from the demagoguery and the naive approaches in an area that everyone seems to have an opinion on.

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A «Supreme» Customer Experience

These days of summer rest have led me with my family to London to remember the years we lived there more than a decade ago. The children are no longer that young and one of my them had the enormous illusion of visiting the store of a clothing brand («streetwear» as he calls it) that […]

The Coronavirus’ «opportunity”

(Versión en español en People say that everyone is responsible for how he takes the good and bad things that life puts in his way and, although totally true, sometimes it is difficult to control our minds’ reaction to some «black swans» that appear as an uncontrollable Armageddon that turns our expectations and forecasts upside down. […]

This corpse is very much alive! (face 2 face Customer Care)

Today I want to make a claim that may seem countercultural or extemporaneous in the midst of all modernizing and futuristic opinions about Customer Service and its future. In a world that is moving towards digitalization and less and less direct relationships, I like to stand up for personal and “human” care. And going even […]

¡Este muerto está muy vivo! (Atención al Cliente cara a cara)

Hoy quiero hacer una reivindicación que quizá pueda parecer contracultural o extemporánea en medio de todas las opiniones modernizantes y futuristas acerca de la Atención al Cliente y su futuro. En un mundo que camina hacia la digitalización y hacia unas relaciones cada vez menos directas y más virtuales quiero romper una lanza por la […]

Customer Care P&L

I would like to comment on a topic that is always on the table when talking about the new Customer Management model , but which is almost never implemented until its final consequences. I mean the struggling concept of «P&L» of the Area. The consideration of the function not only as a cost center but […]

Wow!! (english version)

About three or four years ago I bought an «ultrasonic» dust bin from Brabantia. It was one of these bins that open when you run your hand over :-). It was a whim. Even more so because Brabantia is not exactly a brand known for its low price. Well, a few months ago the opening […]

«Self pity»: a destructive feeling for a Customer Care professional

Many years ago (many more than I would like) there was a child’s character on spanish TV called Calimero (an unfortunate black chick with half a shell on his head) a bit depressing, who was always complaining about nobody wanting and understanding him . Well, this «Calimero self pity thought» is a «disease» that often […]

Listen to calls!

A few months ago the director of a call center site told me that he did not know why and what for the clients called so much (well, he did not say it to me that explicitly, but he let it be clearly understood in his conversation). He was the director of the site, managed […]

Una Experiencia de Cliente “Supreme”

Estos días de descanso de verano me han llevado con la familia a Londres para rememorar los años que vivimos allí hace más de una década. Los niños ya no son tan niños y uno de mis hijos tenía la enorme ilusión de visitar la tienda de una marca de ropa (“streetwear” le llama él) […]